Successful Habits that Students Should Apply from Day 1

  • Are you a new student at City Truck or different institution?

    These tips, tricks, and methods will help you prepare for success and ensure you have a great, stress free learning experience.

  • 1. Time-Management

    As a student you will have continuous studying, or training, preparating that you will need to do on a regular basis. Instead of cramping, or stressing near the end of your journey and having to be stressed at your examination you should prepare on a consistent basis daily or weekly.

  • 2. Ask Questions

    We are all not perfect and may not understand everything the very first time we are taught or shown something. Thus it is very important to not let our pride get in the way of our learning, and not ask questions about something that we do not completely understand or are confused about. You better understand it in the training then when you have to use it in a real life example.

  • 3. Make Mistakes

    People are often scared not to make mistakes, but do not be scared too. Mistakes within reason can be made, and as long as you understand and learn from your mistakes you are better off. Experience is the best teacher, and it is never too late to start now and learn!

  • 4. Discipline & Focus

    While you are learning to prepare for a different career, or an alternative program it is important to give your education and training your full and undisturbed attention. We often reccomend you study in a silent, calm and peaceful environment and take notes with a dedicated notebook.

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