​ ​ Skid-steers are mostly known as Bobcats. Skid steer loaders are often looked down upon by construction crews, yet they are one of the busiest and most versatile machines in use. In fact, many operators will brag that if a skid steer can’t do it, then it can’t be done. It’s a hard claim to argue against actually considering the range of attachments that can be used with a skid steer.

One of the real benefits to a skid steer is their maneuverability. Being small, and being able to turn in their own tracks, they can get in and out of most places. Being four wheel drive, they can work well in snow or mud, and in the unlikely event they get stuck, they can use their bucket to push themselves out.

Skid steers are used everywhere from farms to the construction industry. However, their real home is in landscape gardening where this one tool can do a variety of jobs, including carrying and holding large plants that are being transplanted. Compared to their larger cousins, skid steer loaders are also easy to transport. The can be driven onto a small flatbed and towed by any decent-sized vehicle. While skid steer loaders are small, they can be tricky to operate, especially for a novice. Heavy equipment training prepares an individual to operate a wide range of heavy equipment including skid steer loaders. Looking for variety, a skid steer loader operator certainly experiences that.

Our Professional Safety Training Services provides complete safety training that is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of the construction industry. Our Professional Safety Training Services deliver innovative health and safety training, support, consultation and resources for the construction industry.

The graduate of the program will acquire the skills and knowledge required to become a safe entry-level Skid-steer Operator.

Have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, or Be 18 years of age and have a grade 10 education. Education equivalence testing is available to be done at our office if you do not meet the education requirements or do not have proof of required level of education. This must be done prior to registration. Complete a medical examination with your family physician. Please ensure you have a hard hat, safety boots, safety vest and safety glasses. We do not carry any of these such items.


Skid steer operators, also known as logging operators, skidder operators and skidder drivers, drive skid steers, also commonly called Bobcats. Bobcats are utilized by golf courses, construction sites, oilfield supply depots, warehouses and landscape contractors. Entry-level construction equipment operators frequently begin their training operating a Bobcat. Bobcat operators move heavy materials including soil, gravel and sawdust to required locations.

There will always be a requirement for a qualified Skid-steer operators in durable goods merchant wholesalers industry, pulp, paper and paperboard mills, highway, street and bridge construction, veneer, plywood and engineered wood product manufacturing, which pay skid steer operators a handsome amount of wages.


Equipment:      SKID STEER (BOB CAT)

Length:      1 week

Total No. of Hours      20

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