About City Truck & Forklift Driving School

about us

Since City Truck and Forklift Driving School was established, we have long grown from a small training school to one that provides all sorts of services and accredentials to the Greater Toronto Area and its community. In 2006 we had moved our offices to a central location that best suits all of our students and allows for easy access through any corridor to get to 7003 Steeles Ave W, Unit #9. Toronto, ON. M9W 0A2.

We specialize in providing outstanding training programs that actually prepare our students for their carer. With flexible schedules for both full-time and part-time students, we fit into your schedule no matter how busy! Our tuition fees are one of the most competitive in the market and we offer flexible payment plans. No need for you to worry, all our instructors are fully qualified and certified! What are you waiting for? Contact City Truck & Forklift today!

our mission

Our mission is to amplify on behalf of the Ministry of Transportation and Ontario Safety League to provide all driving lessons one on one and in the most diligient and patient way possible. We use nothing but the latest equipment to ensure you are prepared in your carrer. We also wish to ensure our students are prosperous even after they graduate, thus we will assist students in the process of job searching and job placement.

our promise

  • Providing all our students with the most engaging and liberating learning environment.
  • Providing high quality education, training and mentorship to all of our students
  • We operate using the latest equipment with only the most strict safety protocol
  • Teaching skills and concepts that students can employ in real life in the career
  • Providing extra learning and review for those who may require such attention
  • Investing in technology to be proactive to change and not reactive.


What makes us different..

Always learning

We're always learning. Always staying ahead of industry changes so we can better prepare ourselves and our students. Proactive never reactive.

Latest Technology

Everything at our facility is state of the art and constantly tested to ensure our students can transition into their careers with nothing to hold them back.

Quality Instructors

What seperates us from our competitors is our emphasis on quality training and instruction. We are never satisfied until the training is upto our high standard.

Care for Environment

City Truck cares for the environment, and we try our best to reduce carbon green house emissions and work within a green friendly classroom environment.